"An amazing little city filled with wonderful people and places to see. "

Located in Japan's Nagasaki prefecture,  Sasebo is a romantic little port town made up of 259,800 people. The area is know for its beautiful scenery and is easily accessible by train from Osaka's international airport.


Coffs Harbour has maintained a close relationship with Sasebo since 1953 and continues to enjoy social, educational and cultural benefits through the programs set up by the local council. 


Nishi Sushi hopes to help Coffs Harbour's council encourage Japanese people to come to our beautiful city of Coffs Harbour by making amazing sushi.






Sushi in Coffs Harbour
Sushi in Coffs Harbour
Sushi Catering



Fresh, handmade, Japanese made, premium sushi catering for the people around Coffs Harbour.

Sushi in Coffs Harbour

I'm Nishi. Did you know that we cater for premium resorts such as Bonville International Golf Course ;)

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Made fresh on the day and delivered personally to you.


Sushi in Coffs Harbour

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Sushi in Coffs Harbour

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