Sushi in Coffs Harbour



Nishi Sushi promotes fresh sushi in local schools in Coffs Harbour and it's surrounding areas. Canteens in primary and secondary schools do a great job in implementing excellent food choices for students and teachers. Sometimes, due to the busy nature of canteens, fresh sushi is often overlooked as one of these food choices as it is time consuming to prepare and make properly. At times, canteens are restricted to provide one sushi day at school. Nishi Sushi provides a fresh, reliable sushi service on a daily basis


Canteen Members, Parents and Students - Discounted prices

Nishi Sushi takes alot of pride in making sushi that is packed with nutrition and tastes delicious for students. Sushi is a fantastic source of omega-3 and protein which is essential for the healthy development of our children. We understand the busy nature of canteens and that all foods must be fairly priced to function. We provide a significant discount for schools who are looking to use our reliable service. Depending on your setup, parents are able to order students' freshly made sushi  through your flexischools management system or directly with us. We will work with you in any way required and ensure that orders are correct and on time.


Don't worry canteen staff and volunteers, we didn't forget about you! You too are welcome to make orders. :)


Teachers and Executives - Discounted prices

Nishi Sushi understands that teachers and execitives are often unable to leave their school at lunch due to the proximity to local shops and potential duties. Nishi Sushi appreciates this challenge and wants to bring teaching professionals the option of sushi delivery to local schools in and around Coffs Harbour. We deliver daily or on your chosen sushi day. Staff and collegues can simply choose the day(s) that they would like delivery and Nishi san herself will be there with your freshly made sushi. She is fantastic at remembering regular orders and can cater for school functions. We do taste testing sessions for canteen staff, teachers and executives FREE!















School Sushi Menu



We currently service a variety of selected schools in Coffs Harbour. This menu includes our sushi rolls and packs for primary and secondary school students. Please contact us directly for our significantly discounted prices and special requests!



Cooked Tuna Roll - 1 Sushi Roll

Traditional tuna and mayonnaise sushi roll with cucumber


Mini Cooked Tuna Pack - 6 Sushi Pieces

Tuna and mayonnaise sushi pieces


Vegie Roll - 1 Sushi Roll

Avocado, cucumber and carrot sushi roll


Mini Avocado Pack - 6 Sushi Pieces

Avocado sushi pieces


Mini Cucumber Pack - 6 Sushi Pieces

Cucumber sushi pieces


Teriyaki Chicken Roll - 1 Sushi Roll

Traditional Teriyaki Chicken and avocado sushi roll


Mini Teriyaki Chicken Pack - 6 Sushi Pieces

Traditional Teriyaki Chicken sushi pieces


Ingredients are of great importance to Nishi Sushi. Please click here for a list of ingredients. Alternatively please contact us directly.




Schools In Our Area


Bellingen High School

Bellingen Public School

Bishop Druitt College

Boambee Public School

Coffs Harbour Christian Community Primary School

Coffs Harbour High School

Coffs Harbour Public School

Coffs Harbour Senior School

Coffs Harbour TAFE

Mary Help of Christians Primary School

Narranga Public School

Orara High School

Kororo Public School

Sawtell Public School

St Augusines Primary School

St John Paul College

St Mary's Primary School

Toormina High School

Toormina Public School

Tyalla Primary School

William Bayldon Public School


Sushi in Coffs Harbour
Sushi in Coffs Harbour
Sushi in Coffs Harbour
Sushi in Coffs Harbour
Sushi in Coffs Harbour
Sushi in Coffs Harbour
Sushi in Coffs Harbour
Sushi in Coffs Harbour
School Sushi in Coffs
Sushi in Coffs Harbour
Sushi in Coffs Harbour