Nishi Sushi was inspired by a love and passion for sushi. Nishi san was born in the very small mountain village of Hanazono in the prefecture of Wakayama, Japan. As a young girl she would often catch fish from the river and help grandma roll sushi for the family.


After moving to Coffs Harbour, Australia, she got married to a primary school teacher. He brought home a book titled 'Yoko', by Rosemary Wells. Nishi san fell in love with the book as it related to her in every way. It inspired a thought... to do as the characters in the book did...Open a little business which provides sushi to the locals.


Nishi Sushi is built on a love and passion for sushi. We are inspired to bring you fresh and delicious sushi because of our love for making and eating sushi. We care very much about our relationship with our clients and ensuring that you are healthy, happy and full. Enjoy! 


"We will make a delux sushi for the whole town! "

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Sushi in Coffs Harbour
Sushi in Coffs Harbour
Sushi Catering



Fresh, handmade, Japanese made, premium sushi catering for the people around Coffs Harbour.

Sushi in Coffs Harbour
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Sushi in Coffs Harbour
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Made fresh on the day and delivered personally to you.


Sushi in Coffs Harbour

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