Sushi in Coffs

"We make fresh sushi on the day...made by Japanese hands."

Nishi Sushi offers fresh sushi catering and delivery for functions, events, parties, weddings, cafes, restaurants and schools in Coffs Harbour and its surrounding areas.


Our aim is to provide a healthy food choice to people living locally. We make fresh sushi on the day and deliver directly to you. This means that when you order from us you can rest assured that  we will deliver sushi made from the freshest ingredients.

You also have our guarantee that your sushi will be made by Japanese hands. Nishi san lives locally and pays the closest attention to detail when making your sushi. Quality and customer service are of the highest importance in Japan and so it is for Nishi Sushi.

Sushi in Coffs Harbour
Sushi in Coffs Harbour
Sushi Catering



Fresh, handmade, Japanese made, premium sushi catering for the people around Coffs Harbour.

Sushi in Coffs Harbour

I'm Nishi. Did you know that we cater for premium resorts such as Bonville International Golf Course ;)

Sushi Delivery 



Made fresh on the day and delivered personally to you.


Sushi in Coffs Harbour

Hi there, i'm sensei keiji. click on me to learn about what we do for schools.

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Phone - 0468990950

Email - info@nishisushi.com.au


Sushi in Coffs Harbour

I'm Kouske, I'm a school student...Do you know where Coffs Harbour's sister city is? Click my face!

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